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We build our reputation by taking care of yours


The most powerful element in the advertising is the truth


Even great content needs promotion to success


We are creative thinkers who solve business challenges

Who we are?

Advertising is a great way of communicating to people who you are, what your products do and the types of services you offer. There are many different types of advertising and a lot of companies invest in advertising campaigns with very little results. We at MEDIA PRODIGY will help your company maximise your advertising Ringgit by helping you decide the right form of advertising for your company. We will help you discover different advertising mediums that you can utilise to your best interest.

We at MEDIA PRODIGY are driven by a passion for marketing. We aim to realise our passion for your advertising campaign through innovative thinking, employing the latest trends in design and delivering it using the latest technologies.

As creative thinkers, we solve business challenges by building brands at the heart of the consumers and the markets. Our ideas connect people to your brand and your brand to the people. We do so by:

  • Assisting local SMIs to develop and to communicate their brand name.
  • Assisting government agencies and corporate client in achieving their mission and vision.
  • Offering integrated marketing solutions from providing bus advertising, Media buying, branding workshops and also ‘experience’ marketing.
  • Creating a wining and rewarding relationship between your company and sales agents.